Now we’ve sped through the summer months you’ll notice a nice change in the weather, and with changes in season comes changes in your plumbing needs. Everyone is at risk, and you should be aware of what to do if it all goes wrong.

Here at W H Halmshaws Ltd we’ve put together 3 quick and simple tips for you to keep on top of your home’s plumbing if disaster strikes. 

Check for leaks

Be wary of your households’ water usage when it gets hot and take it easy on your system. Check around sinks, baths, toilets, showers, water heaters, water meters and drains for any sign of a break, crack or leak and look out for any signs of rust on pipes or moisture on surfaces. Some issues are easily fixed, but if you are unsure, contact your local plumbing merchant to get it repaired. 

Save money

There are plenty of ways to save money and your plumbing could be the answer. Turn the heat of your water down a few degrees to save money on electricity, replace your water heater if it’s old and opt for a more energy efficient meter, and turn off your water supply if you’re going on a late holiday and lower the risk of returning to a flooded home.

Keep a plunger handy

Routine clogs can happen at any time regardless of increased heat following on from the summer, so ensuring you have easy access to one in case of a sticky situation this summer can save money. If your toilet starts taking longer to flush there may be an underlying issue with your sewage and plumbing, so assess the situation and if a bad smell arises you may need a replacement part. Clean the drains in your shower, sink and bathtub to avoid a build-up of hair from entering into your plumbing. 

Our friendly and professional team at W H Halmshaws Ltd are on hand to help you if you encounter any issues. Visit our plumbers merchant in Hull or Beverley today - we’re open 6 days a week.