It only feels like the turn of September started yesterday, but here we are over a week in and the nights are already pulling in! Summer didn't wait long to leave us. Now that the weather is changing too, you may experience changes in your plumbing needs in Beverley and Hull.

The changes in temperature can affect everyone and every household's plumbing, and it is important to know what to do now the risks with plumbing have increased. Here are some top plumbing tips for autumn from the team at W H Halmshaws that will get you through the season if things start heading south.

Plumbing tip #1 - Look for cracks and leaks

When your households' water usage gets hot due to heavy use it can take it out on your system. Therefore it is important to check the areas around your sinks, toilets, baths, showers, water heaters, water meters, laundry area, washing area, outside taps and drains for any sign of wear and tear. This includes breakages, cracks, leaks, rust on the pipes and unusual moisture on any surfaces. 

Most issues are an easy fix but when the cold weather arrives it's alway best to be sure, so if you have any plumbing concerns you should contact your local plumbing merchant to get it repaired.

Plumbing tip #2 - Save money with energy efficiency

Did you know you could be saving money on your electricity through the use of your plumbing? One such way is simply turning the heat of your water down a few degrees. Another would be to check your water heater and replace it if it is old; its replacement could be a more energy efficient meter that will further save you money. Or you can turn off your water supply if you go away for a few days or have an autumn holiday. 

Plumbing tip #3 - Take precautionary action

If you noticed something odd in regard to your household plumbing a while back but thought "I'll deal with that later", deal with it now! Don't ignore your drainage system and wait around for the inevitable blockage that you saw the signs for. Ask your knowledgable local plumbers to check the condition of your drains and clean them; taking plumbing action early can hugely decrease the risk of a blockage in the first place and lower costs.

Plumbing tip #4 - Have a plunger at the ready

Is your toilet starting to take longer to flush? If so, there may be an underlying issue with your sewage and plumbing. Routine clogs such as a blocked toilet can happen at any time, but by having a plunger can really save you some money on your plumbing. Before using the plunger, ensure you assess the situation first, making note of whether there is a bad smell coming from the toilet too. If this is the case you may need a replacement part.

If you notice any of the key plumbing areas behaving strangely, contact your local plumbing merchant to catch the issue early before the freezing temperatures of the winter hits. Our friendly and knowledgable plumbers at W H Halmshaws Ltd are on hand to help you if you encounter any issues in Beverley and Hull. Call us on 01482 589689 if you have any queries.